Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swing Swang Swung

Well, the construction of the cabin is more or less finished. I still have some detail work to do but I probably won't be posting updates every week after today. I will still try to make monthly updates on the goings on at the House of Fallen Timbers. If you haven't noticed the slide show in the sidebar I encourage you to check it out. It was created using a service called animoto. Anyone can get a basic account at no charge and make their own 30 second slide shows or you can pay an annual fee for a pro-level account and make slide shows of any length. If you work or volunteer for a not-for-profit agency of any kind you can apply for a free pro-level account for your organization. Here's my latest slide show, enjoy!

Create your own video slide show at


  1. Nice slide show following cabin construction. Makes it all look so quick and easy - not! - Margy

  2. Hi -- what a great cabin! Ironically, I've done the same thing on my weekends, early mornings, and evenings this summer. Here's my blog about it:

    I will wait till spring to chink, since I cut green wood and it needs to dry. Might have some questions for you!

  3. Thanks Margy!

    Jackson County, I think we were separated at birth or something! This is unbelievably cool! I LOVE your cabin. So glad you found me. I'll be following your blog you can bet on that. WAY COOL!