Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blook Fever Jumps the Pond

If you've been reading along here for a while you'll remember that my cabin won third place in the 2011 International Shed of the Year competition featured on the blog of readersheds.co.uk

As it turns out the author of readershed (aka Uncle Wilco) has been dreaming of putting together his own blook based on all the wonderful sheds and sheddies he has featured, but he seems to be procrastinating.  

After I uploaded my blook to LULU, I posted links to the storefront on some of the blogs that had featured my cabin -- my version of a book release party. 

Anyway, Uncle Wilco saw the comment, asked me to send him some more info and has graciously shared my blook with his readers!

"I procrastinate about doing a shedbook then two Amercian sheddies come along and have a go."

I for one would love to see a blook version of readershed. Thanks for the spotlight Uncle Wilco!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

House of Fallen Timbers - The Blook

Inspired by Derek I finally took the time to do some editing and uploading. House of Fallen Timbers is now available in blook form! A blook is a book based on a blog. It retails for $12.65
I went through the first six months of posts and chose what I consider to be the most relevant entries and images and created a blook. It is organized into six chapters, one for each month from May to October of 2010, and includes 15 color images from the blog, anyway ... here's the preview!

If you know someone who for whatever reason can't access the blog online I hope this will help you share the story.