Monday, June 7, 2010


Rained most of the day Saturday so I didn't get much accomplished but the new windfall I found in the woods last weekend turned out to be Cherry.
I got a  nice straight twelve foot log out of it on Sunday but couldn't lift it. I didn't want to cut such a beautiful log in two so I used a rope and a stick to drag it out of the woods.

According to the Log Weight Calculator this thing weighs at least 350 lbs. I had to strap it on the trailer crosswise to keep it steady.


  1. I saw a post about your "House of Fallen Timbers" on Tiny House Blog. I am eagerly following your progress and I look forward to reading your post each week. Keep up the good work...I am sure that when you are finished you will have a very unique and special retreat.

  2. Thanks Mike!
    The rain really slowed me down. It was down right soggy the first week of June.