Sunday, August 29, 2010


Three weeks behind schedule but no less satisfying, the roof is on!

I had to splurge and buy ten dollars worth of sheet metal roofing fasteners for this job. They have sharp ends like nails to puncture the sheet metal, threads like screws to turn into the wood and hex heads like bolts so you can use a wrench to tighten them. I put about seventy of these little guys into the roof. Below you can see the green heads of the fasteners. They also have a neoprene washer that seals up the hole as you tighten them.

I know hand split shakes would have been much more authentic but I kinda dig the 1930's depression era grunge look of the sheet metal.

In other news, Kent Griswold posted another House of Fallen Timbers update on his Tiny House Blog for August. Thanks Kent! Also, I registered the blog on the Nature Blog Network. It's a great listing of blogs on all things nature, lots of birders and other flora and fauna related topics!


  1. We helped our friend as he's been building his new float cabin over the last few years. Watching the roof go up was an experience. I watched as three men manually put the ridge pole in place using ropes, pulleys and hand-held poles. One slip would have been disastrous. Your cabin is coming along nicely. I've had fun watching the stages. - Margy

  2. Thanks Margy!
    I put those big logs up one end at a time and was really worried that one end might come down and go through the floor. I'm glad your enjoying the process. I have a long weekend coming up and expect to get sticks wedged into the gaps in the walls.

  3. Thank you! ....thank you very much.

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  5. Thanks Joseph
    I think metal roofing is a great alternative to asbestos. I hope your company is disposing of the waste responsibly.