Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I've been pinned!

I recently noticed some visitors from a site called Pintrest and was curious to see where they were coming from. I googled "Pintrest" and and found the site. Then I searched the site for "House of Fallen Timbers" and found that 12 photos from the blog had been pinned and re-pinned by 22 users. Naturally I signed up for an account, re-pinned all the shares on a board titled House of Fallen Timbers, and became a follower of the 22 users who pinned me. If you're a Pintrest user please feel free to pin images from the blog and/or follow my new board. If you're a blogger or own any other real estate on the web I recommend you check out Pintrest and see if you've been pinned!


  1. Ahh, that was me! I love this photo of your cabin in particular - it looks like just the peaceful place I'd like to retreat to during a busy work day. When I first joined Pinterest, I pinned things from the blogs I follow, and this was one of them!

  2. Isn't Pinterest an interesting place? I gave you a follow to keep up with what you are doing. - Margy