Friday, February 25, 2011

Create Your Own "Walden Space"

From the very beginning of my cabin building project the number one question people have asked me is ... "WHY?"

I found myself struggling to answering this question. 
"I have a lot of dead trees and it's getting dangerous to walk the property."
"I want somewhere to keep things handy for the cookouts we have in the summer."
"I'd like to have an option other than a tent for guests to stay in."
etc. etc. etc.

Truth is there are tons of good reasons for building an outbuilding but when the project is as (unique shall we say) as mine a lot of people think you're strange. Then finally one day I answered the question. Without thinking about it or falling back on my laundry list of practical uses for the cabin I simply said ... "No computer, no phone, no T.V., or any other source of tragedy, anxiety, or hysteria."

For the first time ever I got the feeling that the person I was talking to was completely satisfied with the answer. With this in mind I thought I'd share the following video. I think we all need a "Walden Space" in our lives.  


  1. Read your whole blog today rather than work on my thesis (found you through art of manliness website)
    This world has some pretty epic people in it. You are now on my list of epic people.

    Well done.

  2. Thank you Maritime!

    I hope your thesis is a huge success!

  3. Very nice -- thanks! I too wrestled with the "why" question. Here are two posts that attempt to tackle it: