Monday, May 17, 2010

Foundation and Joists

The foundation is made from three logs set right on the ground. The two outside logs are an old utility pole left on the property by the power company. It is kiln dried and creosote soaked to prevent rot. It has been on the ground for over eight years and still no noticeable signs of rot so I think it will work fine for the cabin. The center log is one of the dead Elms and will rot fast in contact with the ground so I painted it with some left over oil based wood treatment/stain that the previous owner of the property left in the basement.
In order to hang the joists I had to make plunge cuts in the two outside logs. I was not looking forward to plunging a running chainsaw tip into a log but I got the hang of it.
Once the two vertical cuts and the bottom plunge cut are made you just set a hatchet on top whack it with the backside of an axe and POP the wedge comes right out. Pretty cool.
On the center log I made saddle notches to carry the joists. I'm going to have to cut about a thousand of these before its over so this was good practice. 
Joists are hung!

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