Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to the House of Fallen Timbers

For many years I have been cutting up fallen trees for firewood that piles up waiting for those occasional evenings when I build an outdoor cook fire.

Most of the wood is dead Elm and stands in the woods for years before it falls.

This year I thought I'd try something completely different. I decided to build a log cabin. I hoped to use the Poteaux-en-Terre method that the first French settlers of the Illinois Country used in the eighteenth century.


  1. Really amazing, good luck is this adventure, seems you are well on your way! Really look forward to following your progress

  2. A few questions;
    1) What type of life expectancy are you anticipating on the floor joist you painted-it would seem it will not hold up as long at the tx utility poles.
    2) Is there any downfall from using trees that have already fallen/dead?
    3) Is anything special mixed in the chink to strengthen it?
    Thanks Andy

  3. 1. I am concerned about the life expectancy on that middle log. Sounds like I need to get the whole thing up off the ground while it is still easy to lift.

    2. The worst part of using only dead trees is that I can't pick and choose trees based on straightness and diameter like I could if I had my druthers. The good part is they are already pre-dried, practically de-barked and shouldn't shrink much.

  4. Oops forgot #3
    I have several bags of concrete mix left int he garage by the previous owner of the property. I plan to use that for chinking. From what I have researched, it needs to be mixed with some sort of binding material like straw to hold it together.