Sunday, May 23, 2010

Splitting the sill log

I need a flat sill log on the face of the cabin for the threshold. So I cut one of the twelve footers that I couldn't pick up into two six footers and cracked one open.
Once you whack the front of the log enough to crack it you follow the crack with a hatchet or wedge and slam it with the back of the axe. Snap crackle pop.

 Eventually it splits
Now I have two sorta kinda equal halves.
Plained them down with the edge of the saw to flatten them a bit more.

I used one six foot half on one side and cut the other six foot half into two three footers. One three footer is on the other side and I used the other three foot half to make a bench with some decking scrap. The gap between will be the doorway.

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